Draft #7

When I got to the end of the last rewrite, I thought that was it. I might have to rewrite individual scenes or short subplots, but what I had at the end of Draft 5 was the main story as I wanted it. That’s what I told my boyfriend. “You know, I think I’m finally there. I think I won’t have to do it all over again.”

He laughed. “You say that now, but just you watch.”

He was right. Of course. Let it simmer long enough and a new idea is bound to come up. Be wary of your mind, friends. If you think “It’d be interesting if I’d done X instead”, it’ll inevitably answer “It’s not too late. Go. Make it better.”

And I will. But not now. With NaNoWriMo upon me, I want to give some well-deserved time to other projects and give this idea time to take root and muster up the courage to go at it again.

Pretty Science Art

Hello (I say, to the void).

It’s been what, almost two years since I last posted? Since I almost vanished from the online world? I might be returning now, as I’ve been feeling the urge to share and connect with fellow writers again. It probably has to do with the fact I’ve started writing a lot more regularly in the last two months, too. Not that I’d stopped but, well, almost. So. We’ll see. I want to take it easy and make sure I keep this space a stress-free, sharing area in which we can get excited about whatever cool things the internet provides.

For now though, I’ll leave you with these fascinating pictures of art by Todd Johnson. Anything that combines art and science gets me pretty excited and this is right in that list. Basically, they use a particle accelerator to accelerate beams of electrons and shoot them at the acrylic plastic. Electrons penetrate the slabs and become stuck there, creating intense pool of electric potentials. And pretty colours. I’ll readily admit I’m not sure I understand how that works but damn this is beautiful. <3

Enjoy, and next time.

PrettyElecAccelerator2 PrettyElecAccelerator

A Turn in the Road

Last month I spent a week in Las Vegas, with other incredible writers from the Bransforums. All incredible and fantastic people, whome I feel honoured to have met. We talked craft, had workshops, critiqued each other, went out for dinners and shows and had tea parties in Sommer’s room. It was fantastic, and I learned SO MUCH. I’d be surprised if anything this year tops it for Best Week of the Year.

Something surprised happened, though. I went in there confident in my skill as a writer. By Tuesday I was appalled at how much I had yet to learn. And when I considered how little time I had to put in it these days… Panic-inducing realisation.

Here’s the thing, though: in four year of serious, almost obsessive writing, I have learned one thing. It is when I feel the most inadequate and overwhelmed that I grow the most. Those panics? It means I found what I didn’t know yet. They mean I can see past the next turn at the road I need to travel. These moments give me direction and purpose.

Once you realise and accept that, it becomes a lot easier. My resolve is back. I will make time for writing. I will practice and stumble and get back up again. I will master these new elements. And I will grow until I reach the next turn in the road and look for new directions.

The Lucky Meme

Well, look at that. I was tagged by the lovely Caitlin for a funny writer meme.

Here are the instructions:

1. Go to page 77 of your current MS
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next seven lines as they’re written–no cheating!
4. Tag 7 other writers

Caitlin tagged most writers I would have, so I’m letting you guys check her list instead. Now, I did indeed get lucky, because my seven lines kinda hold themselves together. Enjoy the tidbit!

“Not everyone breaks their word at the first occasion.”
Anger flashed on the Seraphin’s face. At least Vermen wasn’t alone now. Where he expected an argument, a rebuttal, something to spark a fight and vent his built-up irritation, however, he received a dismissive shrug.
“All right, ladies and gentlemen. Since our captain is so trustable, we can leave him the clean-up work and go celebrate.”
They cheered at his declaration and started back up the tunnel.

Insecure Writer’s Support Group – January Edition

This post if for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh. Not sure what that is? You should check out this page for more information!


There’s a lot of New Year Resolution Posts running around the internet these days. Most of these take a look back, evaluate their year and set new goals. Another thing I see is people saying that 2011 has been good (or bad) to them.

I could say it’s been good to me. My major is finished. My writing improved. I’ve got lots of new blog-friends, and deepened my relationship with RL ones. I’m in a splendid relationship with my boyfriend. 2011 feels like a giant step forward.

But the truth is, 2011 hasn’t been good to me. I have been good to myself.

This is what I’d want to tell those who struggle with the writing. Sometimes it feels like we’ll never get better, or at least never good enough. Like the road’s too long. It’s not. You have control over what you accomplish in a year. There’ll be obstacles. There’ll be hardships. There’ll be moments when you’re convinced you are not up to it.

Don’t give up.

Work hard. Work tirelessly. Be patient for the results. If you will it, the year is yours. You decide what gets done.

Let’s show 2012 how it’s done!


The Major and the New Writing Strategy

Great news! Though you might’ve heard, because I’ve been posting it everywhere on the internet except here.

I have completed my Biochemistry Major! Hurray! *confettis*

I thought I’d feel way more accomplished than this, but this instead feels like the first big step of a not-yet-finished road. Still, proud to scratch that from my Life To-Do List!

Meanwhile, I’ve also decided to change my approach to writing. Since I approach the last -ish version of my WIP, I slowed down my pace. I’m rewriting about half of it anyway, incorporating more world details and cutting the extra fat, but this time I’m allowing no adverbs, repetitions or to be forms (well, or nearly) to get through.

I’m mixing my teacher’s technique with my own: in the complete rewrites section, I look once at my previous draft and notes, then close it. Rewrite without looking. This is painful, and slow, but the result is much better than just correcting the sentences there. Other sections of Draft 4 are strong, though, so I work from the text there (and edit half of it anyway) without breaking the order and flow of the thoughts.

So far so good. It’s slow but I feel I am forcing myself to learn to do better first drafts, faster. Perhaps with years of this kind of training, I’ll achieve reasonable speed and quality. I hope so, because right now I’m losing a lot of time in structural rewrites, and then a lot of time in scene editing. I want at least 30 new pages by the time my school vacations are done. If I can help it, I’ll get 50. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I wish you guys epic holidays, plenty of great food and priceless gifts. Have fun, and don’t get sick!


Guest Post : Winter Wonderland

Hey guys! Today I’m guest posting at Sommer’s wonderful blog! So head over for a piece of flash fiction, and how I go about writing those. Oh, and please ignore the typos/mistakes as much as you can. It was written in the mist of three very exhausting weeks, and apparently two rereads did it no good. *SHAME*

I hope you enjoy!


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