Cover Reveal — Solarpunk Dragon Anthology!

It’s Friday! Friday the 21st, or as I have been calling it in my head for the last week, the Day of the Cover Reveal (TM). I am so excited about this, because our cover for the solarpunk dragon anthology is absolutely gorgeous. There are no words for how much I love it. Plus we actually have a title now! I can stop calling it “solarpunk dragon anthology” (but will I? That’s another story).

With countless thanks to Agata Jędrychowska, our incredible cover artist, we present Wings of Renewal: A Solarpunk Dragon Anthology!

2015-08-12 solarpunk anthology front titles

Seriously, how shiny is that? 10/10, would shiny again, if you ask me. Not that I have a strong bias or anything (I do). But if you think that’s the end of the awesome, you’re wrong! Wings of Renewal will be available in print, and we have a front-and-back spread with even more dragon!

Click to make it larger. Seriously. Click it. You MUST.

Click to make it larger. Seriously. Click it. You MUST.

Just … look at the blue lights in the background, and the tiny antlers near the nose, and just all the details. I’m so in love. So, again, all credit goes to Agata, whom you can also find here on deviantart. If you love the nature inspired dragons, definitely go see those other two, it’s worth your time!

You might have noticed, our authors’ names are missing from the cover. They will be on the back cover, but when we realized we’d have 22 names to put up front … yeah. It makes us really sad, but we just couldn’t. Since they’re all incredible writers who deserve all the luck, however, you should go back and check the line-up! And if you want to know a little more, check out my Wings of Renewal page for the blurb!

Annoucing the Solarpunk Dragon Anthology Official Line-Up!

Okay everyone, I hope you’re excited! Because I am. Oh, I sure am.

Over the last two months, Brenda and I have received a slew of absolutely wonderful submissions for our anthology–over 50 stories, most of which were absolutely riveting. So much that our anthology is about double the size of what we expected! It’s been an exciting and at times heartbreaking ride, but in the end we made our picks.

So here is, in alphabetical order, our fabulous line-up for the as-of-yet untitled (soon!) Solarpunk Dragon Anthology!

Brenda J. Pierson – Lost and Found
C.B. Carr – Summer Project
Cj Lehi – Deep Within the Corners of my Mind
Caitlin Nicoll – Glow
Caroline Bigaiski – The Dragon of Kou
Claudie Arseneault – One Last Sweet
Danny Mitchell – Dragon’s Oath
Diane Dubas – The Witch’s Son
Gemini Pond – Fighting Fire with Fire
J. Lee Elloris – The Last Guardian
Jeanne LG – The Stained Glass Dragon
Kat Lerner – Community Outreach with Reluctant Neighbors (alternatively, How to Avoid Cults)
Kimberly Kay and A. N. Gephart – Solarium
Lyssa Chiavari – Seven Years Among Dragons
M. Pax – Wings of the Guiding Suns
Marianne Drolet – The Shape of the Sun
Maura Lydon – Wanderer’s Dream
Megan Reynolds – Petrichor
Mindi Briar – Refuge
Sam Martin – Morelle and Vina
Stephanie Wagner – In the Hearts of Dragons
Tobias Wade – The Quantum Dragon

There’ll be more information about our authors coming soon, but we’re really excited to have such a great collection of voices.

And! If you’re just as enthusiastic as us (or even a little enthusiastic, I mean, we’re way beyond excited at this point) you can help out! Anything you can do to spread the word would be such a great help — blog feature, cover reveal, review, etc. Anything, even just sharing!

Just sign up to our Street Team form! It’ll allow us to “organize the troops” and send the appropriate info when the time comes. :)

Ignite the Shadows — AMOI Book Review



Okay, gather round my friends, because I need to share one little gem of a book.

IGNITE THE SHADOWS wasn’t a book I had planned to read. I signed up for it to participate in A Month of Indies, a great blogfest honoring indie authors over at creatyvebooks. Life has a way of handing out great surprises, though, and this definitely count as one.


IGNITE is a fantastic YA book, halfway between science fiction and urban fantasy, with just a dash of creepy horror–enough to make your skin crawl without this book really being horror. It follows Marci, a sixteen-year-old hacker, martial artist, bike lover and all around incredibly great and complex character, who’s had to deal most of her life with shadows at the edge of her vision, threatening to take over. Turns out that she, like most of the earth, is infected with parasites who overtake the bodies of their host, and she joins with a small team dedicated to fighting against them.

I really don’t want to say too much about the plot. It’s a fantastic thriller, that drags you in very early on and refuses to let go. Ingrid Seymor’s writing is brilliant — I honestly have serious jealousy over her skill for carrying emotion and punching you in the gut with it. Add this to a cast of complex characters (can’t get enough of James, damnit), all of which seem to have several layers of goals, desires, and secrets, and you’ve got an incredible story. I loved it from the first to the last page.

So there you go. I don’t often review books on here (I don’t often post on here either, haha), but this book absolutely deserves the time and space. I highly recommend it. If you’re looking for a fast-paced story with multiple shades of gray that’ll make your skin crawl at times, this is it! Go buy it!



Solarpunk Dragon Anthology !!!


Let me tell you about my latest, most exciting project. Because right now, it’s hard for me not to run everywhere around and squeal.

This summer, I will be editing an absolutely wonderful anthology centered about solarpunk dragons. I just finished a short story about this, and my writer, friend, and editor Brenda and me were so excited about all the possibilities, we decided we wanted to go all out.

We will publish it through Incandescent Phoenix Books, and our call of submission is already up on its website. So go check it out!

This project is my first time acting as an editor and I’m super hyped about it!

(Gorgeous dragon art created by Remi!)

DiverSciFi 2016


Heya peeps!

I have some really exciting news! I will be attending DiverSciFi, a brand new convention to support, promote, and share literature and art that is rich with diversity. But now all literature. DiverSciFi has a very particular focus, which makes me happy: it’s about diversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Or in the words of the organizers…

DiverSciFi was born from the minds of three friends who have the same desire to see more diversity in their favorite genre. We combined our love for the arts and the excitement of conventions to create our first annual DiverSciFi Convention!

For us, we believe that representation and Diversity in Scifi/Fantasy can be used as a key element in breaking down barriers and promoting acceptance of all people no matter what race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or assistance you need to live healthfully.

And I’m all about that. Viral Airwaves and The White Renegade already feature several LGBT+ characters, and I’m working on a large high fantasy saga that will bring to life characters from even more diverse backgrounds. This promises to be a really great convention, entirely dedicated to two of the biggest tenants of my writing.

The convention’s first instance will be held in NYC, on Summer 2016, and while that’s more than a year away, I am super excited about it. They just started funding, and I jumped on one of the vendor tables. So New York City, here I come!

So if diversity in the genre fictions is something of importance to you too, you should definitely check them out! Throw money their way or spread the word, depending on what you can do.