Interview on Asexual Artist

Hey everyone!

Just a quick word to let you know you ought to check out Asexual Artist. They’re a blog dedicated on showcasing artists (whether they write, or draw, or play music or anything) that identify as Asexual, and I had an interview up today!

Makes me feel like a real professional to be answering questions like these. Go take a look, and if you want browse the other artists, too. There are some cool writers in there.

Upcoming Short in Vitality Issue #1

Hey everyone!

I’m really excited about Viral Airwaves‘ launch yesterday. I had a great time eating instant noodles and taking pictures of myself in this very dignified activity.

But I have more great news! My short story, The Best Day, has been selected by Vitality to be a part of the first Issue! Vitality is a LGBT+ magazine dedicated to publishing entertaining fiction featuring LBGT+ characters. Or, in their own words:

Vitality seeks to be an escape for the reader. A safe place full of wonder and awesome where the reader can see characters like themselves doing things like battling dragons, solving crimes, acting in a circus, or traveling the world. All genres and styles can be found in Vitality. The only limit is your imagination.

You can pre-order the digital (5$) or print (10$) copy on their website right now. And if you wanted to check out what they have, you could also download their free minizine!

I’m very proud to be a part of the first issue. I have worked hard throughout the last two years to make my writing ever more inclusive. The protagonist of this piece is a character I’ve had with me for a long time, one of my first LGBT+ character and an all time favorite. It feels fitting for him to be among my first publication. (And I love him. Did I mention that I love Varden? Coincidentally, he is part of the novel I am working on right now).

So very excited for this release, and I’ll be looking forward to having a paper copy in my hand!!

A Toe in the Amazing Land of Solarpunk

The first time I read the term “Solarpunk”, I got really excited. First before I was struggling to find a genre for Viral Airwaves, and this seemed like it might fit (it kind of does). Second because I am a big sucker for steampunk, and for new solar technologies.

Futuristic City that fit the solarpunk genre

Futuristic City that fit the solarpunk genre

But what is solarpunk? It is a genre that reenvisions the future as driven by renewable sources of energy, in eco-friendly and self-sustaining communities. Steampunk had cogs, steam and blue electricity. Solarpunk has trees, solar energy, bioluminescent algae. Its aesthetics aren’t Victorian Era; they tend towards Art Nouveau. And here are three characteristics of the genre that really make me happy:

1) Eco-friendly

Solarpunk’s very core is that it looks at a future where we in fact survived the disappearance of oil, where we managed to scale back our imprint on the planet and learn to live on Earth without screwing it up. It draws its inspiration from green technologies like solar windows and roadways, and from curvy architectural innovation, such as the bamboo house or the botanical apartments in Phucket, Thailand.

2) Nature-inspired

I love how so much of the inspiration behind solarpunk is drawn from natural shapes, or innovations already existing in nature. From the use of slimography and biomimicry as ways of conceptualising efficient techs, to the use of nature in the designs of accessories and clothes [click all those links, seriously], nature informs a lot of the genre’s technologies and style. As a big big fan of bioengineering, who loves to see bacteria and fungi used in tech, this makes me really giddy.

3) Community

A lot of the solarpunk imaginary worlds out there rely on close-knit, self-sustained community, where every individual contributes to the whole. This is reflected in things like having solar panels on every roof, and thus powering the whole community from the individual houses instead of having one big solar panel field. It also means community gardens, large public spaces, close confines.

It can (and to me will) mean a world that moved past capitalism, at least on the community level. And to me that’s where the “punk” comes in. To build viable where so much is shared–and which won’t kill the planet–you have to do away with the idea of constant growth and profit.

4) Diversity

When you look at solarpunk fanart or read through text posts about it, you realise that a lot of the inspiration comes from non-european country. Which makes sense, because the western world isn’t leading solar techs at all. So, racial diversity is already very common, and a lot of the time it doesn’t stop there. It ties with the close-knit community that no one is left behind, that no one is excluded. In my mind solarpunk means that those beautiful curved patterns in building designs lead to ramps for wheelchair users, for example.

The amount of positivity and optimism in this genre is amazing. It’s a refreshing change from the post-apocalyptic and dystopic universes out there (which are great genres, mind you, I love them too). I think it’s an incredible space to build adventures to bring positive representations to diverse characters. Yes, solarpunk creates ideal worlds in many ways, but it’s also a look into what could be. And heck, what should be.

This genre appeals to so many different sides of me — the idealist activist, the scientist, the diversity writer — I’m amazed I just now really discovered it. This is the kind of science fiction I want to write. In a way I half-started already, because looking back on Viral Airwaves, you can see how it ties into important elements of solarpunk.

Viral Airwaves is up for Kindle preorders

This is it, guys! My very first published novel, Viral Airwaves, is coming out on February 11th! You can preorder right now, and it’s discounted from its usual full price! Just head over to Amazon. :)

My cover is gorgeous and no one can tell me otherwiseThe blurb

In case you wonder what’s it all about, here is the story’s blurb!

Henry Schmitt wants nothing more than a quiet life and a daily ration of instant noodles. At least until he learns the terrible secret that drove his father away—the Plague that killed his mother and ravaged his country was created by those now in power. He has one chance to help expose the conspiracy: a ragtag band of rebels needs a pilot for their hot air balloon, where they can launch a broadcast revealing the truth. If Henry accepts, he can experience his dream of flight. But he would have to leave his safe, tranquil life behind … and bring the wrath of a corrupt government upon his head.

New Site, New Book

Hey everyone!

It’s been forever since I last came here, but it is time to (kind of) resurrect this site! Mostly because I want a stable deposit of information on my novels, and infrequent news. I might occasionally talk about the writing process again, but not promises. Mostly, if you want more, you should consider following either on tumblr or on my facebook author page!

I’ll have news on my very first novel, Viral Airwaves. With links to buy this absolute masterpiece and everything!

Until then, enjoy. <3

Draft #7

When I got to the end of the last rewrite, I thought that was it. I might have to rewrite individual scenes or short subplots, but what I had at the end of Draft 5 was the main story as I wanted it. That’s what I told my boyfriend. “You know, I think I’m finally there. I think I won’t have to do it all over again.”

He laughed. “You say that now, but just you watch.”

He was right. Of course. Let it simmer long enough and a new idea is bound to come up. Be wary of your mind, friends. If you think “It’d be interesting if I’d done X instead”, it’ll inevitably answer “It’s not too late. Go. Make it better.”

And I will. But not now. With NaNoWriMo upon me, I want to give some well-deserved time to other projects and give this idea time to take root and muster up the courage to go at it again.


Pretty Science Art

Hello (I say, to the void).

It’s been what, almost two years since I last posted? Since I almost vanished from the online world? I might be returning now, as I’ve been feeling the urge to share and connect with fellow writers again. It probably has to do with the fact I’ve started writing a lot more regularly in the last two months, too. Not that I’d stopped but, well, almost. So. We’ll see. I want to take it easy and make sure I keep this space a stress-free, sharing area in which we can get excited about whatever cool things the internet provides.

For now though, I’ll leave you with these fascinating pictures of art by Todd Johnson. Anything that combines art and science gets me pretty excited and this is right in that list. Basically, they use a particle accelerator to accelerate beams of electrons and shoot them at the acrylic plastic. Electrons penetrate the slabs and become stuck there, creating intense pool of electric potentials. And pretty colours. I’ll readily admit I’m not sure I understand how that works but damn this is beautiful. <3

Enjoy, and next time.

PrettyElecAccelerator2 PrettyElecAccelerator